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Let’s Talk about Mould

Discover the causes, health risks and preventative solutions of mould growth in your home.

Mould growing in your home is particularly concerning. There are a variety of associated health risks if it is not identified and eliminated promptly.

To prevent and treat mould in your home, it is essential to understand what causes its growth. Mould may be forming in your home due to high humidity, warmth and residue from body care products. Bathrooms and wet areas are often the perfect environments for mould to grow as it loves to form in hard to reach places.

Prevention is a key factor in protecting your family from mould.

Our premium silicone provides a high level of defence against mould attack. Discover what makes Maxisil Silicone different to other products on the market and how to effectively prevent and treat mould growing in your home.












Maxisil Colour Matcher

Perfectly match your Kemgrout, Ardex, Mapei, Davco or COLORBOND® to our Maxisil silicone products.

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