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Market-Driven Innovation

Roberts Designs safeguards the toughest waterproofing tasks with its range of Maxisil products.

There are few subjects that trouble both tile installers and builders equally as that of waterproofing. What would seem at first to be a relatively simple matter (keep water out) turns out to not only be involved and complex, but fundamental to any great and lasting build.

The two areas that receive the most attention are the waterproofing membrane itself (naturally) and also the preparation of the substrate to that membrane. If there is one lesson that every professional waterproofing consultant would like builders and tile installers involved with wet area builds (in particular) to understand, it’s that if the substrate has not been prepared up to a specific standard, then the membrane itself will be compromised, either on installation or when subject to wear.

As it turns out, however, there is a third area that deserves just as much attention as the waterproofing membrane and substrate preparation; that’s the area between the membrane and substrate, a vital juncture where various kinds of failure can originate. It is this crucial area where Roberts Designs and its premium Maxisil range, truly excels.


The Story of Roberts Designs and Maxisil

Roberts Designs was established in 1996, with its first products consisting of ceramic soap holders and other accessories. The company began to develop and distribute sealant products in 2006, which coincided with the acquisition of Maxisil. The distribution of Maxisil sealants grew exponentially across the country and in 2008 Roberts Designs introduced the range to New Zealand.

Roberts Designs was purchased by Paul Hayes in 2015 and at the time consisted of a single small warehouse in Rosebud, Victoria. Today, the company has three warehouses and is headquartered in Carrum Downs, Victoria.

Paul is proud to have grown the business with the same commitment to quality as its predecessors, as he explains:

“We continue to build on the foundations from the guys that started the business: We remain focused on providing exceptional customer service and finding innovative products and solutions that reduce time and costs, aligned to market trends. The Maxisil recipe is the envy of all our competitors. It is what sets us apart, providing the best end result for our customers.”


The Maxisil Range

Maxisil offers a range of silicone-based products which provide unique advantages in terms of flexibility and fungal protection. The brand boasts a colour range of over 80+ specialist products for specific applications. 

The renowned Maxisil M Membrane is a unique product specifically designed to seal and create a movement/expansion joint area between two substrates underneath the waterproofing membrane that do not stick together. In addition to Maxisil M, the range includes:

  • Maxisil A for wet areas
  • Maxisil N for natural stone; and
  • Maxisil P for pools

In addition to its anti-fungal properties, Maxisil is also engineered to save time on the construction site. Unlike other membranes that require three to seven hours of curing time, Maxisil Membrane allows the applicator to immediately apply the waterproofing membrane coating over the top of the sealed joint area, saving both time and money for waterproofers.

Maxisil Membrane is a neutral cure product that will not burn through any coating applied directly on it. Without using Maxisil, the applicator runs the risk of a membrane coating ripping and ultimately causing water leaks and extensive damage to a bathroom.

According to owner Paul Hayes:

“Our Maxisil products are highly recommended for both domestic and commercial use. We always say, if you want to be the best, you have to use the best, and our products greatly reduce the need for future maintenance as there will be minimal defect issues, if any. Bathrooms are often a bit of a nightmare for builders. Professionals prefer Maxisil, as its quality is consistent, tube after tube, allowing the tradesperson to get the job done quickly and economically.”


Fungal / Mould Protection

One particular area where Maxisil excels is in the prevention of mould in wet area installations. There are many causes of mould forming within a home, especially in hard-to-reach places such as wet-areas. High air humidity with little air movement, warmth and residues from body care materials such as shower gels are just a few of the conditions that encourage the growth of mould, and since elastic silicone joints have low thermal conductivity, they are the warmest part of a tiled surface, where mould is likely to thrive.

The detrimental effects of mould on health and wellbeing are well researched and documented, as Paul notes: 

“The health effects of mould are far-reaching. In a lot of cases, it results in prolonged health effects in not only adults, but children too. No one likes to see mould in their shower or bath, but unfortunately, a lot of houses have this problem. Whilst aesthetically it looks unpleasant, mould spores can travel in steam vapour produced by the shower, so that it is ingested into our lungs.

“We are passionate about eliminating this issue for every bathroom/wet area in Australia and New Zealand. If your silicone is mouldy, cut it out and replace it with Maxisil, the best in the market to reduce the likelihood of it reoccurring”.

With a complete range of silicones and a system of accessories, Maxisil provides a holistic mould prevention solution: 

  • Use Maxisil Cleaner to clean the joint before applying the silicone
  • Apply the appropriate Maxisil silicone — Maxisil A contains high-quality fungicides, allowing it to resist mould for longer than any other.
  • Use the Maxisil Smoothtex and Applicator Brush for a smooth finish


Ongoing Development and Innovation

As Maxisil continues to grow, it has remained responsive to its customer base. As Paul explains:

“We are always looking at the latest tile and colour trends and we’ll continue to make sure we stay in tune with the latest fashion. With that said, we trust our customers, constantly asking them what they need.”

 “At Maxisil we support the trade and everyone in our industry with our online Colour Matcher. We have spent a lot of time generating as large a colour range as possible for our silicones, and we’ve created the tools that allow both DIYs and our tradespeople the ability to match them perfectly with grouts”.

That development is set to accelerate in the future, according to Paul.

“We are currently working on two new exciting products that will further solidify our position in the market. We will have more information about all of that in the near future.”

Maxisil Colour Matcher

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