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Membrane specialist silicone

Smoother. Faster. Better

Why Maxisil Membrane?

When only the best will do

Maxisil Membrane is a premium and professional neutral cure silicone caulk product for trade and construction use. Perfect for waterproofing and membrane applications, it is UV stable, and with built-in fungicides is highly mold resistant. Our easy-to-use complementary product system will assist you in creating perfect results, every time.

Many applications

where and when to use Maxisil Membrane

  • Membrane application
  • Waterproofing construction
  • Bathrooms and laundries
  • General building
  • Maxisil Membrane


  • Maxisil Cleaner


  • Maxisil Applicator


  • Maxisil Extension Nozzles


Reduce the chance of mold

For best results follow the Maxisil system


MAXISIL CLEANER Clean joint before applying silicone


MAXISIL SILICONE Apply Maxisil silicone


SMOOTHTEX & APPLICATOR Spray on Smoothtex and use applicator for smooth finish