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Product Quality Guarantee and Product Warranty for Maxisil Silicones & Maxisil System Warranty

Maxisil manufactures a range of high-quality silicone and grout products manufactured in Germany and Australia. We stand by the quality of our products and provide you with a warranty for the use of our Maxisil Grout and Silicones to give you the confidence you would expect from a brand you trust.

Product Quality Guarantee

Maxisil guarantees the quality of our Maxisil silicone and Grout products:

  • have a product life of no less than 10 years.
  • are free from defects, are of a high quality; and
  • can be used for the intended purpose we prescribe in our technical data sheets and through our application development process (the Maxisil System warranty)

Product Warranty

Maxisil warrants the use of its Maxisil silicone and grout products on the basis that our products are a substrate and will not react with any brand of grout, glue or surface used in combination with them.

The Maxisil System Warranty (optional extended warranty)

We understand your project/sealing application is important. That’s why we stand by our products. If you have a new project in mind and are looking to use our high quality Maxisil products, contact us to discuss our Maxisil system warranty, ensuring you have the best solution for your project.
If you apply we will cover you for the:

  • repair or replacement of the Maxisil product;
  • costs of re-installation of the Maxisil product;
  • costs of replacement of any glue, grout or immediate surface damaged by the use or application of our Maxisil product; and
  • labour and material costs of rectifying any damage caused by our Maxisil product.

Apply for a Maxisil System Warranty

For a product-specific application warranty or if you require any further information on our quality Maxisil products, contact our Maxisil Product Specialists, 1300 157 207 or via email



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